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“Embrace” Hand Embellished Screen Print

“Embrace” Hand Embellished Screen Print

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Each screen print is on toned pastel paper, hand signed, and features a hand painted heart. They are 9”x12”. 

"Embrace" is not just a screen print; it's a visual manifestation of the delicate equilibrium between self-love and the protective instinct for others. The anthropomorphic form of a bear in this artwork captures the dual essence inspired by the tender embrace of a teddy bear and the unwavering protection of a Mama bear. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this print serves as a poignant reminder to prioritize self-care while steadfastly safeguarding oneself. It speaks to the intricate balance between loving oneself and extending that love to others, as well as the importance of protecting oneself to better protect those we hold dear. The print echoes the wisdom embedded in the educational saying, "If you bring your storm to work, then other people will get wet," emphasizing the fundamental truth that genuine care for others starts with self-care. So, hug yourself, love yourself, and protect yourself—only then can you extend those embraces, love, and protection to those who depend on you.

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