Beatriz Oliveira

Who are you? 

I’m a first generation Portuguese immigrant, landing in New Bedford with my parents & siblings at nine years of age. My own first apartment, at the age of 18, was in downtown New Bedford. I moved to the suburbs when I got married, where I raised my son. About 10 years ago I moved back. I live and work downtown now and love the neighborhood.

Why New Bedford? 

I’ve always loved the character of the city, the creative spirit of its people, and the general sense that everyone is welcomed here.

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Sarah Moniz

Who are you? 

I am the owner of Solshine Yoga Studio. I am a Yoga, Meditation, & Spiritual Teacher.

Why New Bedford? 

New Bedford is full of life! You can experience it all in this city. It also happens to be a mecca for yoga. We have beautiful fishing boats, beaches, sunsets, walking trails, historic buildings, amazing restaurants and a deeply spiritual and historic culture!

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Bryan Ribeiro

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