The Artist

Jake is an only child, and his mother is the youngest in a large indigenous family. Jake had art all around him growing up, his mother is a painter, and his uncles are all woodworkers, silversmiths, bead workers, and experts of various indigenous crafts. While he didn't get into art until later in high school, he chose to pursue it in college, earning a BFA in Art Education from The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a Masters in Education from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

The Art

I was born on the outskirts of a highly esteemed and actively engaged Native American family from Massachusetts, and I have come to realize that my life is a perpetual journey through the intricate cultural landscape that lies between my Indigenous heritage and my conventional middle-class upbringing. The core of my artistic endeavors is an exploration of visual culture, a means of expressing my complex relationship with this cultural duality. My work is a vivid explosion of color and intricacy, be it through my screenprints, digital drawings, or acrylic paintings.

The Murals

My mural work, characterized by its enormity, vibrant hues, and a commitment to fostering unity among visitors, stands as a testament to my dedication to creating impactful art. Prior to embarking on each mural project, I undertake comprehensive research and engage in open communication with the communities in which I paint. This collaborative approach ensures the accuracy and effectiveness of my work, making it a reflection of the unique narratives and experiences of the locales it graces.


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