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Between the Waves

Between the Waves

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"Between the Waves" is a mesmerizing exploration of the delicate balance between chaos and order, embodied in the abstract design of a crab. The artwork captures the essence of movement and fluidity, mirroring the undulating waves that cradle the creature. The intricate lines and vibrant colors evoke a sense of energy and dynamism, as if the crab is caught in a dance with the ocean currents. Through the interplay of form and space, the piece invites viewers to contemplate the harmonious coexistence of opposing forces, revealing the beauty that emerges when boundaries blur and elements merge. "Between the Waves" serves as a visual meditation on the interconnectedness of life and the perpetual ebb and flow of existence.

Title: "Between the Waves"

Size: 6"x6" & 12"x12" & 24"x24"

Medium: Giclée Print on Matte Paper

All prints are hand signed.

All prints are UNFRAMED.

Some prints are made to order which delays delivery times.


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