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Breaking the Surface

Breaking the Surface

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“Breaking the Surface: An Osprey’s Story” is the second design and mural in the Osprey’s Story series. While the first design symbolizes change this panel represents repititon and passion. The Osprey hunts from nearly 100 ft in the air before sighting and diving for a fish. This process is repeated until the have their prey. I used to watch this day after day when I worked on the oyster farm and felt a kinship with them since we shared in the daily work. There is a sense of peace and freedom that comes from hardworking, especially when that work is so tightly entwined with the natural world around us.

Title: "Breaking the Surface: An Osprey’s Story"

Size: 5"x7" & 9"x12"

Medium: Giclée Print on Paper

All prints are hand signed.

All prints are UNFRAMED.

Some prints are made to order which delays delivery times.

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