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Limited Edition Print - Many Moons

Limited Edition Print - Many Moons

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“Many Moons”

Limited Edition Print 

5”x7” -/20
9”x12” -/20
12”x16” -/5
People frequently inquire about how long it takes me to make a painting, hoping for a precise answer rooted in some sort of artistic formula. However, the truth is that paintings take as long as they take, and sometimes they may never be truly finished. This particular owl painting has been a work in progress for the past two years. Over this time, it has resided in my studio, where I would intermittently revisit it only to eventually abandon it once again. Yet, this week, a perfect alignment of circumstances occurred - perhaps fueled by an ample supply of coffee or a sudden surge of inspiration - leading to what I can only describe as a breakthrough. The title of the piece, “Many Moons,” holds significant meaning on multiple levels. Firstly, it symbolizes the personal transformations we undergo and the energy we both absorb and release as we navigate through the various stages of our lives. Just as this painting has taken many moons to reach completion. Secondly, the moon itself possesses a commanding strength capable of influencing the natural forces around us. It dictates the ebb and flow of the tides, showcasing its beauty through its nightly transformations. Through this painting, I aim to convey the message that change is inevitable, time will continue to progress, and it is essential to be prepared to embrace the push and pull of the world around us.
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